Investment Principles


At Engineered Funds, LLC, our overriding objective is a high level of diligence in the overall investment process coupled with a continuous effort towards constant improvement.  We believe that producing excellent results requires approaching both tasks and personnel in a principled way.  We value independent thinking, with a goal towards constant innovation in specific processes as well as in our overall practice, all with an eye on refinement of our strategy.  To help foster leading edge innovation, we maintain an environment where openness of ideas is always encouraged and supported.  All individuals at Engineered Funds, LLC are encouraged to question the status quo thru an assertive approach to education and edification.  The investment process is a dynamic and fluid one, and as such, the firm must always hone our strategy to realize that level of excellence our customers have come to expect.  It is through this unique culture that we have produced relationships our clients have come to expect.